Jane Mudge is a San Francisco Bay Area native with business experience in advertising and promotion, new product marketing, client service and project management.  Major client experiences includes; Safeway, McDonald's, Dockers, Charles Schwab and Visa.  She attended Santa Clara University, American Association of Advertising Agencies Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies and American Bankers Association National School of Bank Card Management at the University of Oklahoma. 

Valerie Wills is a well-regarded and seasoned residential interior designer.  British-born, Valerie studied interior design at London's Westminster University in conjunction with the Regent Academy of Fine Arts.  She is a member of the Interior Design  Society.  Her style is a wonderful mix of old and new.  Valerie loves to travel and lived in London and Copenhagen before settling in San Francisco.  She was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle's Stylemaker Spotlight and has written various articles about living in London for Decorati.
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